5 Home & Garage Expansion Ideas

5 Home & Garage Expansion Ideas

If you’re planning to do a home renovation project, there are tons of options available for you. As a homeowner and garage owner, the best thing you can do is combine both. After all, the garage is one of the most usable square footage areas in any property.
Home expansions and garage transformations don’t come without the technicalities. As such, it’s best to consult with appropriate professionals who are experts in the job. Whether it’s a construction business or a garage door company, it pays to invest in professional services for your project.
home garage expansion ideas

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Lounge area

There’s nothing like relaxing in your comfort zone by the end of a tiring day. Many owners collect spirits to enjoy joyous occasions and events. As such, why not consider a lounge area for your garage use?
If you don’t have any vehicles or big equipment inside the garage, clean the space. Build over a bar and add some comfortable furniture to the space to transform it into a lounge area. Build a storage rack for wines, bottles, and necessary glassware.
If you have a vehicle, you don’t need to use the entire garage space. Clean one wall side and dedicate the bar in that area. The transformation doesn’t take a lot of time since you already have an ongoing structure. This way you still have a way to contain any drinks inside your garage area. Store these items away from fragile situations inside the house.
garage conversion lounge


Patios are roofless extensions from home and property interiors. If you ever see wooden planks leading to the outside, it’s the patio area of the property. Garages are common areas where you can build a patio extension.
For example, the garage leads inside the property and attaches to the side of the household. You can use the area to lead to the backyard of the residence. The job requires a bit of demolishing on the back wall of the garage.
Contact some professionals to take out the back wall and build over wooden panels. Now there are two access points towards your backyard.
garage conversion patio


While the patio is a roofless extension, the veranda is a roofed area of the household. The veranda is an open space extension that has roofing overhead. From the garage towards the driveway, the veranda can serve as an additional carport for your ride.
If you have a detached garage, you may also consider the veranda on the side of the garage. Add an access door to the side of the detached garage that leads to a more elevated veranda space.
For these home expansion works, it’s best to invest in good material construction. As wood is one of the most popular veranda materials, consider long-lasting wood for a sturdy addition.
garage conversion veranda

Garage Expansion

The most basic expansion for the garage is expansion of usable space within. If you have many vehicles and need additional car space, extending the garage can be your next home renovation.

First, assess your car space needs and then contact contractors to build the extensions. Since you’re starting with a foundation already, the expansion is simpler than most projects.

Next, contact a garage door repair company to check the garage door’s condition. Then, work together with building contractors to extend the sides of the garage.

garage expansion

Car Lift

The last, most practical thing you can consider next is a car lift. A car lift works better for limited garage spaces that you can’t expand. As properties are sometimes smaller in the lot area, you need to focus on the property’s interior space.
A car lift is a metal elevation that adjusts up and down the garage floor. As you drive the first vehicle on the car lift, raise the lift afterward and park the next car below. While you can maximize the garage for car use, you may compromise with the garage storage.
Build the car lift with proper services in town for a safer garage. Safety becomes a primary concern since there is another valuable vehicle below. You need to ensure that the car lift has sturdy foundations.
carlift garage

The best investment you can make for every home expansion and garage expansion project is long-lasting work. This includes spending for long-time constructions that can increase property value. Choose your home renovation projects wisely!

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